Terms and Conditions

It is advised to read the terms and conditions carefully before opting for the services provided by ProboVAT. The application has been designed to automate the VAT compliance and reporting. The terms mentioned below define the obligations of ProboVAT as a service provider and the obligations of a user as a customer.

Services Provided
ProboVAT provides the user with an access which has a set of defined roles. The services to be provided are in accordance with the agreement from the date of registration. ProboVAT contributes in automating the VAT compliance process and provides the user with various reports which further helps in analysing the trends. It is also an HMRC recognised MTD Bridging software which helps the user to file their VAT return.

Access Conditions
We at ProboVAT request you to keep the usernames and passwords safely. It is extremely important to maintain the confidentiality of the passwords in order to avoid any kind of security breach.

The application is to be used as per the roles assigned to the user. Any kind of misuse or attempt to gain unauthorised access is to be avoided. Information that can have offensive content should not be transmitted using the same. Also, attempts to replicate modify or reverse engineer the application should not be carried out.

Ownership of Content
The ownership of the information provided by the user lies with the business itself. However, we understand that the user grants ProboVAT the license to transmit, use, store, copy, analyse, process and back-up the information provided. The information is to be used for the purpose or providing service to the business.

The content of ProboVAT as per the website and application are copyright protected. The content includes text, articles, pictures, graphics, illustrations, images, etc. The user should not publish, modify, copy, translate, misuse or reformat the same.

Protection of Data
ProboVAT understands that the information provided by business is highly sensitive and confidential. Therefore, we shall comply by the data protection obligations. The business needs to ensure that the information provided is authentic and lawful.

The information processed is only by the consent and on behalf of the user. Also, the collected information is stored in an encrypted format in secure environment. The collection and processing of information is in sync with the privacy policy

We at ProboVAT respect and preserve the confidentiality of the information provided. We assure that the confidential information will not be disclosed to a third party without the business consent. The information provided is used for processing as per the privacy policy and the same will not be used for any personal benefits.

ProboVAT maintains a privacy policy that defines the obligations of the user. It is advised read that privacy policy for more details on the same.

Third Parties
Third parties might be involved in the process of delivering services to the business. Also, third party links might be present in the website. If the user directs him to access these links, you should do that at your own risk. It is recommended that the user would go though the terms and conditions on these links.

Usage Limitations
Use of the ProboVAT might be subjected to certain limitations. Any such limitations will be informed at the time of registration.

The license provided by ProboVAT can help the user to benefit and use our services. This privilege cannot be used to provide service to a third party. Also, the user is expected to not share or trade their rights of the service provided as per the agreement. License can be provided to a user with consent of the business.

At ProboVAT we understand that the user has warranty that the data provided is lawful and the user has the respective permissions and consents that are required for ProboVAT to process the user information.

The user would need to warrant that the service will not be used in violation of the intellectual property rights or proprietary rights, privacy rights, publicity rights or third party rights. Furthermore, there should be no violation of any statute, law, ordinance, obligations, rules or regulations.

The information provided by the user should not be fraudulent, abusive, harmful, vulgar, deceptive, or obscene. IT should be free of virus, harmful computer codes or programs, Trojan horse, time bomb, worm or other relative malware. ProboVAT has all the rights to remove any such unauthentic content.

All the activities carried out while providing a service are agreed by the user. The user is responsible for the activities that take place during this phase. Any sort of illegal or fraudulent activity may lead to termination of the rights given to the user.

The user is expected to abide by the law and not try to harm the application. They should not intend to violate the security code by obtaining private information such as account details, information or passwords of other users. The user should not intend to obtain or transfer any illegal material.

It is prohibited for the user to run any sort of spam or auto responder on the application. Any software which would continue to run even after expiry of the session or that hinders the smooth workflow of the application has to be avoided.

ProboVAT believes that the user will not try to modify, copy or reverse engineer the source code of the application.

In order to use the service provided by ProboVAT, it is important for the user to register with us. At the time of registration, the user is expected to provide genuine, complete, updated and accurate information. If the information provided does not fit in the category, we would consider that as a breach and the agreement will be terminated at the very instance. Once registered, a password is provided to the user which needs to be confidential. This would contribute in protection of the user data.

Communication Conditions
Communication tools such as chat room, forum or message centre on the website might be used by the user. It is expected that these tools are used only for legitimate, genuine and lawful purpose. Also, the communication tools are to be used for the sole purpose of service provided and not any unrelated matter.

It is responsibility of the user for any sort of communications made on the website. It is the user’s task to ensure that they are cautious while using these communication tools. ProboVAT holds the right to remove any kind of unrelated or abusive content posted by the user.

Fees and Payments
ProboVAT has the right to the payment of fees for the services provided. All the fees applicable based on the services as per the agreement are to be paid by the user. ProboVAT holds the right to update the price list on the website. This change will also be communicated to the user through an email or a notification. The fees paid cannot be refunded.

ProboVAT, its subsidiaries, affiliates or employees are not to be held responsible for any kind of liabilities, limitations, settlements, costs, damages or attorney fees. Any claim or demand made by the third party will be the responsibility of the user. This claim can be made due to the access provided for the service, agreement violation or violation of any regulations with respect to the services provided.

Limitations of Liability
As permitted by law, ProboVAT excludes liability and responsibility to the user in contract, negligence, tort, any loss such as loss of information or damage resulting from the use of the application.

The agreement will remain effective while the service is provided to the user. The same can be terminated at any point if the user is not satisfied with the service. Upon cancellation, no fee would be charged. However, it is the user’s responsibility for the charges incurred for the services provided until the cancellation.

ProboVAT cannot issue a refund once the payment is made. Also, the user is bound to follow the terms and conditions until the agreement is terminated. We at ProboVAT may suspend the access to the membership or services at any point of time if the user is involved in breach of the agreement.